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Bori i Fontestà, 11
(08021) Barcelona
Tome 44307, Folio 0037, Sheet 452283-B, Entry 1
of the Barcelona Trade Registry

Return policy and non conformity

1. Right of withdrawal for online purchases

Changes and returns of products purchased through the CYRIANO online store are only accepted by this system.

You have 14 calendar days to withdraw from the purchase made, without having to give any reason, except:

                •  • When the item is not returned with the original packing or wrapping, ticket or invoice and where appropriate, guarantee.

                •  • That the product is in bad condition, has been used or washed or is without labels.
                •  • When the request for withdrawal is made late, i.e., after 14 calendar days have elapsed since delivery.

Complete the following steps:

1. REQUEST: Complete this withdrawal form and e-mail it to: within 14 days from the date you received the package.

2. RESPONSE: CYRIANO will contact you within 2 working days accepting or refusing your request.

3. SHIPPING: If we accept your request, you will have to deliver or send the package to our shop:

Bori i Fontestà, 11
(08021) Barcelona
Opening times: Monday to Saturdays, 10 AM - 2 PM and 5 PM - 8.30 PM.

Please note that shipping costs (from your home to CYRIANO) shall be to your expense. Therefore, before purchasing any product review its characteristics and ask us if you have any doubts.

4. PAYMENT: We will pay you for the full amount of the purchase employing the same method you used to make the payment, within 14 calendar days, once we have been able to check that the package has been returned in good condition.

Should the products not arrive in perfect condition Cyriano retains the right to refuse the return or to pay lower amount for your return.

2. Non conformity

CYRIANO is answerable for the non conformity of its products, in accordance with applicable laws, for all manufacturing defects whenever the non conformity already existed at the time of delivery of the product and in line with the nature of the product in question.

In case of non conformity, please contact CYRIANO within 2 months of identifying it. Availability of the invoice or receipt is an essential requirement.

Reasons for exclusion:Non conformity does not cover damage caused by fire, abrasion and water, contact with any type of liquid or solvent, or misuse or inappropriate maintenance. Is also does not cover defects arising from normal wear and tear for using the product (especially wear in leather or fabrics at points of friction), or minor damage (such as scratches and gnawing marks) or the result of the repairs carried out by persons not authorised by CYRIANO.

In case of non conformity for any reason, we reserve the right to request photos of the product.

In any case, consumer rights recognised by law shall be safeguarded.

Complete the following steps:

1. REQUEST: Send us the non-conformity form, together with the invoice or purchase receipt. You can send it by e-mail to or by post to our shop:

Bori i Fontestà, 11
(08021) Barcelona
Opening times: Monday to Saturdays, 10 AM - 2 PM and 5 PM - 8.30 PM

2. RESPONSE AND SHIPPING: We will review the details and contact you. We reserve the right to ask for photographs of the product and to refuse coverage of non conformity if your claim is late, you do not attach the required documents or we identify any reason for exclusion.

If after these previous verifications have been made, we believe that there may be a non conformity, we will notify you and so you can send us the item for review.

3. REVIEW: If after examining the product we see that there is indeed a non conformity we will attend to your claim and Cyriano can choose to replace or repair the product, or if it deems appropriate, refund the amount paid or apply a reduction in the price.

Should the product be out of the guarantee period or the nonconformity be excluded by any of the abovementioned reasons, we will inform you about the nature of the defect and the cost of repair. To proceed with the repair you will be sent a quote for prior approval.