Cyriano was born of a strong personal need. We owners of small dogs know how much they suffer from the cold in the winter when they go walkies.

I looked in endless coat shops to find something comfortable to take my little Kuki out in. I also wanted to feel good about the appearance of the clothes. I found a lot of coats that were fine for keeping her warm, but very few with a design that I liked. So, I started looking for fabrics to design coats for Kuki.

That’s when I started to design things, always for my dog but also thinking about myself. I also started to create bags to take her everywhere with me, bags that could also take my personal belongings. I designed beds that I could hang anywhere at home that would blend into the decor. I carried on with food and drink bowls, leads and anything else that came to mind.

I soon realised that I shared this need with a lot of other people. That’s when I started this exciting journey, analysing trends, designing, selecting materials and looking for skilled artisans who could put our ideas into practice.

Cyriano wants dogs to be comfortable, and above all that dog lovers can feel good with all the articles we produce. We do not create ‘fashion for dogs’ as such, we create it for dog owners, and we consider our articles as yet another complement for them.

This process has enabled us to create articles for you that have been designed and produced with passion, care, and a firm commitment to quality.

You can find us at:
C/ Bori i Fontestà nº 11

(08021) Barcelona

Opening hours: Monday - Saturdays: 10:00h - 14:00 and 17:00 - 20:30.
Tel.: (+34) 934 088 797